Dustin and the Explosions

Dustin and the Explosions are a trio of loud and passionate musicians from Los Angeles, CA, their hometown and the backdrop for much of their howled and bellowed discography. Their songs, filled with emotion so heavy they could sink a ship, are defined by their sharp, biting guitars, oft distorted vocals, and group shouts. But what separates Dustin and the Explosions from their piers isn't the angst that permeates their delivery, it's the depth of the messages they offer and the dramatic tone they use to convey them. They are well versed in their unique rhetoric and adept in making even the most grisly of subjects relatable. Among the countless musicians in today's culture who make it their raison d'ĂȘtre to reject concern over anything, Dustin and the Explosions are a band that goes out of their way to make sure that their grievances are aired in a way that reminds you why you ever cared in the first place. None of them are named Dustin, don't even ask. 
Inevitable End